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1. Searching for a Fashion Collection?
Step 1: Browse through our catalog : Click on related categories which interests you. You will be able to view the featured product on the right side of the page.
Step 2: Narrow down product search : You may do so by filtering the criterias to be more specific hence, coming closer to your desired choice of product.
Step 3: If you are into our exclusive brands, worry no more as you can easily access to the individual brand names in our store to check out their respective products.

Already have something in mind? Or if you have the catalog number of product, make good use of our search box by entering related keywords or catalog number into the search field, then press “Enter”.

Next is decision-making time! Upon finding an item that you like, purchase it directly by clicking on “add to bag” and that item will appear in your “Shopping Bag”. Similar to real-life shopping, you can always add as many items as you like to your “bag”, and once you're done shopping, complete your order by clicking on the “Shopping Bag” on the top right of each page. Just follow the guided steps for us to collect the information needed to fulfil your order.

2. Changing Currency
During your shopping, you may conveniently change the currency shown by clicking either on the “USD” for U.S.Dollar or “RM” for Malaysian Ringgit on the top right of each page, depending on your preferences.

3. Changing Language
Since our website is built in English and Simplified Chinese , you may select your preferred language on the top of each page.

Your Account
1. Creating an account with
Creating an account with us is simple and absolutely FREE! It takes only about 1-2 minute to complete the process. Once you have completed the sign up process, you are able to start using the account immediately. The account created allow us to fulfil your order and you do not have to fill in your shipping details every time you shop with us. Besides that, you can view items that you have purchased in the past, keep a wish list on products that you are considering, and many other advantages, best of all, you are automatically enrolled in our ASOYA Indulge club to collect loyalty points. You may click Register now to create an account with us now if you do not own one. What are you waiting for? Come enjoy the fun of shopping at your fingertips!

2. Forgotten your password
Please click Forgot your password to retrieve your password, the password will be sent to the email address that you have registered when creating an account.

3. Changing your account settings (name, email, password, newsletter subscription
After login into your account, click on “My Personal Info” on the left, you will be able to change your name, email address, password, and choose to subscribe/unsubscribe our newsletter.

4. Adding/editing shipping address
After login into your account, click on the “My Address” on the left, you will be able to update your current addresses, or add any new addresses by click on the “add an address”.

5. Viewing transaction history
After login into your account, click on the “My Order” on the left, you will see a list of order(s) that you have recently placed with, and an up-to-date order status for each of them.

6. Using Wishlist
You may add your favourite items into your wishlist for a possible future purchase. Adding an item to your wish list allows you to keep track of items that you find it interesthing, while you are considering your purchase, you can purchase it at anytime you like as long as the item is still available. Perhaps, it may also be useful in showing your wish list to someone who is looking for a perfect gift for you?

7. Using voucher
To use a voucher, kindly enter the voucher number on the first page during the checkout.

8. Viewing your ASOYA indulge club points
After login into your account, click on “My Loyalty Points” on the left, you will be able to see the points that you have accumulate up-to-date, at any time, you can convert the points into a cash voucher to use it in your future order.

9. Our Privacy Policy
At, we recognized that your privacy is important. We let you know what information we collect when you use our website, why we collect it, and how we safeguard it. Please click Privacy Policy for to view our detailed privacy policy.

Shopping & Checkout
1. What is a shopping bag?
A shopping bag in an online shop like ours acts like a “shopping cart” that you used in a conventional store. You are able to add any items that you like in the "shopping bag" for no amount restriction. At any time of the day, you can always make changes to your bag by increasing/decreasing the quantity, or removing any particular item.

2. How do I complete my order to finalized the products I desire?
Once you are ready to proceed to checkout, click on the “Shopping Bag” button on the top right of each page to begin the checkout process, you will be asked to login if you are not login yet, confirm/edit your shipping address, and then make payment through any method of your choice. You will be redirected to a confirmation page that will prompt you about the status of your new order, together with a receipt that will be sent to your email account. At this stage, congratulations, you have completed your order!! We will dispatch your order within 1 business day

Product Related
1. What is Free size / One Size Fits Most?
Free size or One Size Fits most is a size that is made to fit most people wearing international size XS, S, M, L sizes or USA size 2-10. You may also refer to the exact size measurement specific to each style on the bottom of each page to ensure that the style will fit you properly. Please note that if any of the size measurement appears 100% smaller than usual, it usually means that the brands took the measurement from only one side on a flat surface, please double the measurement to get the full circumference measurements.

2. Color of the product
Colours portray your mood of the day. Pick your favourite colours here based on the available colour(s) for each individual product. The model will be showcasing the exact colour and styles that you will be receiving when ordering with since all our styles are directly supplied by the brands, thus, don’t worry , be happy!

3. Are the styles original or are they replica?
Yes, all the styles are 100% GENUINE and are imported from the respective brands. We insist to work with only original brands using the actual styles for photo shooting. Hence, you can be rest assured that each styles that you will be receiving while shopping with will be exactly the same like the ones that the models are wearing during their photo shooting session.

Packaging & Delivery
1. Gift Packaging
On top of our standard packaging, we do offer optional gift packaging for RM5 per order. If you have selected this option during checkout, we will gift-wrapped your order, and at your discretionary, we will include a gift card with your personalized message handwritten on the card. We usually do not include the actual receipt in the package unless otherwise requested, so that you can have a peace of mind that the gift price will not be shown to the recipient of the gift. If needed, you may also print the receipt from your account or through the email receipt that we have sent to you.

2. Do you deliver to my country?
Besides sending to anywhere throughout Malaysia, we do dispatch international covering all countries under FedEx coverage, which includes 220 countries in 5 regions. Please refer to our shipping page here for more details about shipping.

3. Customs and Import Duties for International orders
If you are placing an order from outside of Malaysia, please note that customs and import duties may be applicable depending on your country. We are glad to say that most of our customers were not charge any customs or duties so far, however if it is applicable when your order arrived in your country will be your responsibility. If you are planning to purchase a large order, it may be a good idea for you to check for the import procedure with your local authority. We are also able to declare the parcel as "Gift" if requested.

ASOYA Indulge Club
1. ASOYA Indulge Club
We have tailored made our own loyalty program to reward you as our valued customer. Please kindly refer here for more details

2. Accumulating points
You will collect loyalty points each time you have completed an order. The accumulated points can be used to redeem for cash vouchers, upgrade of loyalty status and enjoy exclusive offers.

General Questions
1. Return
We offer 7 days hassle-free return for refund/exchange. Please refer here for more details on more information about returning a product.

2. Joining our affiliate program
If you have a website and would like to promote, you are welcome to apply your site for our affiliate program. Our affiliate program is professional managed by MGECOM Inc, we are live on 2 networks: and Please refer to our Affiliate Program for more details

3. Do you have other question in mind?
Please contact us here, we will get back to you in within 12 hours.