Simple steps to order strives to make online shopping an easy task for everyone, so our ordering process is designed simple and straightforward. At your convenience, you may refer to the video tutorial as below :



or screenshots that we have compiled to walk you through each steps


1. Start browsing our website by using the horizontal navigation bar on any category that interests you:


2. Click on any item to view detailed information of that particular product. Alternatively, you may continue viewing other items by clicking on the "Next" to view next page of product listings, or click on other categories on the top at any time.


3. You will be able to select the available colors and sizes of that particular product using the dropdown list to the right, and click on "ADD TO MY BAG" to add an item to your "Shopping Bag".


4. The amount will be automatically updated on the top right corner of each page:


5. Continue browsing our website and repeat the steps from 1-4 to add as many items as you like until you are satisfied.


6. View or add any item into your "Shopping Bag"


7. At any time, you will be able to click on "Shopping Bag" on top right of each page to view your "Shopping Bag" or complete your order.


8. View the items in your "Shopping Bag", or edit/remove the quantity on any item if needed, and once you are ready to checkout, click on the "Next" button.


9. If you have already created an account with previously, you may login using the email address and password that you have registered, and skip to step 12 directly.


10. If this is the first time you are shopping with, register an account with us by entering your email on the left, and click on "Create your account".


11. Enter your information on the fields required to allow us to fulfill your order.


12. If you would need to edit your addresses, click on "Update", and you will be able to update your address immediately. Click "Next" to proceed to the shipping option page:


13. Click on "I agree with the Terms & Conditions" and then click on "Next"


14. To ease your shopping experience with us, we are pleased to offer multiple ways of completing payment on your order, you will be able to choose the payment method that you would prefer by clicking on your selection.


15. Proceed to the payment page by clicking on "I confirm my order". Depending on your preferrence, complete the information on the payment page, or make the transfer via ATM/Online Transfer/Cash Deposit/Bank Wire. Congratulation! your order has been completed, we will dispatch your order to you in within 1 business day


If you have any feedback on how we can improve your shopping experience or have any question when completing an order or at any time, please contact us at once.